Improve Your Security at Home

Tips to improve your garage door security

Do you know any access points in your home? Most people overlook garage doors by focusing on robustness on front doors and windows, alarms and neglect gaps in their doors since they do not consider it worth investing in them. For instance, most doors have traditional simple cylinder locks that require little effort to open them.This is the reason why police officers are increasingly giving warnings about garage security level as they have become an easy target for burglars.

Making your garage secure by being proactive, arming yourself with pretty cool technology and fitting additional security modification protects your goods and keeps thieves at bay. However, besides having a DIY knowledge or drills to modify, start by consulting your manufacturer.

Some of the most efficient ways to improve your garage door are:


This is by installing motion sensor lights and visible alarm system. They scare away criminals and protect the door from any break-ins as most burglaries happen at night.

High-quality maintenance

This involves maintaining mechanical parts of your roll-up garage door, watching out for any corrosion and checking the door’s condition. You can also research on the best company that can provide high-quality garage door repair and door fitting service.

Install locking garage door bolts

Security can be increased by not drilling an outside keyhole if you can access the garage through another door. The garage door bolts consist of a pair of bolts with a lock opened by the same key. These keys are efficient and compatible with most types of garage doors that include sliding garage, up and over design, hinged garages, and folding door garages.

Cover the window with blinds or curtain.

This keeps away thieves from window shopping. Instead, make sure your door has “obscured glass” windows that allow only light hence one cannot look through.

Do not leave the remote inside the car

The best option is to opt for a keychain remote opener for it to be near you. This is because if a thief breaks into your car, they can steal your remote control and access your home without your knowledge.

Install a top rated garage door opener

Door openers have features like quality material, motion detector sensors, rolling code technology, extensive warranty, safety programs that keep away burglars from accessing your property.

Garage door defenders lock and solid backup locks

Add extra locks and reinforcements on top, middle and bottom of the garage door. Lock all interior doors leading to the house. This is an effective visual deterrent to invaders. The lock secures defender unit into a solid steel base that assists in blocking the tilt action of up and over garage door.

Keep the garage door insight

Do not block the view of the garage door to make impossible for thieves to invade because they invade doors that are hidden from the public.

Your garage door contains the most expensive valuables, so invest in it, keep it safe and secure and go further by consulting experts on your door.