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Garage Door Installation Mistakes

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Installing Your Garage Door

There is more to installing a garage door than what meets the eye. It’s a tricky process as one misstep may lead to a great risk. Installing requires professionalism and use of proper equipment. Some of these mistakes appear years after installation. Garage doors weigh 300 pounds although they look harmless but can cause damages if not well installed. Let’s look into the common garage door installation mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

  •         Using nails instead of lag screws

Lag screws are durable than nails. Continuous use of nails on doors makes them pull off as doors exact enormous pressure on nails thus pulling out. Even after a continued use, lag screws hold tightly and do not wear out. Keep off using nails!

  •         Installing by yourself

Installing a door requires you to hire a professional or get help from people due to the door’s weight and the springs which are very difficult to handle as they exert a lot of force. Doing it alone is risky as it may result in a fatal accident.

  •         Not plotting the door’s interior

Installing a door requires picking a suitable place and planning in order to avoid installing hardware such as light fixtures in the wrong section.

  •         Installing the lift motor off the center

Centerline mounting minimizes panel bending and prevents the door from binding which makes the door shimmy and to shake when opening. Some installers set the lift motor on one side instead of the center. This brings issues like twisting of the door every time it is opened, door binding, premature wear out of chains and belts and bending of door panels which may result in the door collapsing.

  •         Ignoring adjustments

After installation, changes like adjusting the lift mechanism should be done to bring the door into a perfect position. This prevents emerging of undesirable issues in the future.

  •         forcing the door into a small space

Most DIY garage door installers tend to ignore the manufacturer’s instructions on the amount space needed for the door to fit in well. They end up forcing the door to fit into a space that is too small hence damaging the door’s hardware.

  •         Skipping to install the steel door stiffener

If you are currently using a motorized opener, check if it has a stiffener installed in it. Most manufacturers tend to avoid including it in the installation instruction in order to save money. A stiffener is highly needed for long-term door durability.

  •         Ignoring counterbalance track systems

When installing, the counterbalance springs and torsion should remain intact when the door raises and checked at different points. Most people try to exert pressure to force them to move hence putting the door in a worse condition.

  •         Loose panels

The panel, rail and hangers hardware should be thoroughly installed to avoid quick damaging of the door.

  •         Not taking the garage into consideration

The garage door should occupy the whole garage door environment and any barriers should be eradicated to accommodate the door. Avoid risky and wacky installations.

  •         Choosing the wrong garage door

A garage door installation will depend on the valuables to be kept in the garage. For instance, a home requires an overhead sectional door as it would open upwards instead of outwards thus creating a lot of space for the door to pull in and out easily and prevent traffic.

It’s a high time that people took installing a garage door as an important activity by involving professionals and investing highly on their garage doors. Trust me! Most future injuries are caused by poor door installation.