The Top 5 Trend in the Construction Business

For someone in the construction business, it is important to know where the trend is heading. That way, you will have an upper hand in the business and you will be able to outsmart your competitors. This 2019, the trend in the construction business is heading towards the positive side. Below are the top five construction business trends.

#1 – Construction business will have an increase in modular and prefabricated construction works

This year, modular and prefabricated construction projects are on the rise. It includes both residential and commercial projects. Modular construction uses a prefabricated approach to creating a repetitive structure. Establishments that may require a prefabricated construction approach include hotels, offices, and apartments, to name a few. Why is it on the rise? Many companies prefer prefabricated construction work because it enables them to save time and money.

#2 – Green construction is on the rise

Green construction will definitely be on the rise this year. As a matter of fact, the number of building and plans that uses green technology into the construction process is growing. Green construction pertains to building that uses environment-friendly resources and resource-efficient construction methods. Since the construction materials and building methods are environment-friendly, you can expect that the buildings will last longer than using traditional construction methods.

#3 – A significant increase in construction material cost

The cost of materials commonly used for construction will increase this year. It will increase by at least 3%. Hence, construction companies are thinking of ways to stay competitive within the industry. The increase in construction material cost is evident in materials like iron, softwood lumber, steel, and steel mill products.

#4 – Better Safety Equipment

If there is one good news to expect in the construction industry this 2019 it is the fact that the construction equipment is safer than the previous year. The standards for construction equipment are high. This is because of the increase in the number of accident and death cases related to construction. To significantly decrease the number of accidents and death in the construction industry, construction equipment is equipped with safety measures using the latest technological advancements.

#5 – Building Information Modeling

BIM or Building Information Modeling is a growing trend this year. It is a method of generating and managing computer representations of construction projects before they are built. The building information model is used by engineers and architects to show how the building materials will hold up as time passes by. Through the building information model, building owners will be able to come up with the maintenance schedule. Other construction advantage offered by BIM includes predicting the cost of the project and the ability to determine if the construction project is possible.

Business construction trends are heading towards the positive side. Although there is an expected increase in the cost of basic construction materials, it is only limited to 3%. Construction companies can always come up with the best solutions on how to remain competitive in business.